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What's Wrong With Preaching Today?
The truth of this sermon preached 30 years ago continues to be relevant today:  the man and the message cannot be separated. An audio message.

The sermon, What’s Wrong with Preaching Today? was originally presented at the Ministers' Conference of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church at Westminster Theological Seminary in September 1967. The message was published in print form soon afterward by the Banner of Truth, and owing to its continued relevance has seen several reprints over the past 30 years. The sermon emphasizes:

1. The Man: who must demonstrate regular systematic devotional habits, personal practical piety or holiness, and purity of motivation.
2. The Message: that must have biblical content, doctrinal substance, and practical application.
3. The Manner: which should reflect urgency, orderliness, and directness.

Greg Gordon, founder of the website Sermon Index – a library of sermon classics – comments on this message: "This sermon could be re-titled, Where are the men of Gospel preaching, referring to the fact that we cannot separate the man from the message. We need men who walk holy and preach such a Gospel. This is a very clear presentation. It is wonderful to hear it preached in conjunction with the booklet published by Banner of Truth."

Originally published on the website, Sermon Index.




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