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Times of Refreshing - You Need Them

Work used to be exciting and you used to look forward to what you do, but now it takes a great deal of effort to get motivated. You wonder what's wrong. According to Jonathan Ward, a Canadian with a counseling ministry in France, you may be suffering a symptom of burnout. He addresses the topic in a very practical and instructive article titled, "What Missionaries Need to Know About Burnout." Not a missionary? Ward's excellent advice on the causes of burnout, the effects of burnout and how to prevent burnout is helpful to everyone.

One of the ways to prevent burnout—possibly the best—is to do what Jesus did. He spent time alone with His heavenly Father in reverent worship and prayer. It helped Him replenish His spiritual and emotional energy. Today we might call that "soaking" in God's presence. The term "soaking" became popular through the Toronto renewal in the '90s, but it really describes what the Church has known for centuries as contemplative prayer. Restoration and refreshing are among its key benefits.

Our need for restoration and refreshing is daily and ongoing, but sometimes things happen that we can't handle alone. We need someone else to help us recover. In a special article this week a single father reflects on his recovery and restoration from the trauma of widowhood. He shares some of the many lessons he learned in his article "Moving On." He also offers some practical suggestions on how to offer support and assistance to single parents in similar situations.

This week we also have the story of a Bible college graduate who found his calling helping others as a paramedic in the trauma unit of a Calgary hospital. Some are called to serve within the church, says the writer, but others are called to be the church outside the safety of the sanctuary, carrying healing to where pain and sorrow take their awful toll.

We invite you to enjoy these articles. If you need refreshing, they are truly inspirational.

We also want to bring to your attention a noteworthy article for church leaders. Dr. Phil Zylla of Associated Canadian Theological Schools at Trinity Western University asks, Are there shifts occurring in your church toward an "Emerging Church" profile? In his article he outlines some benefits of embracing elements of the Emerging Church movement that can help revitalize and strengthen the capacity of a church to serve God in its unique context, and he represents how some common concerns about the Emerging Church movement can be addressed by ministry leaders and church boards.

For additional articles and news stories, please scroll down. Have a good week!


Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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