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A Time to Reflect on What is Most Important

Twice a year churches tend to fill up—at Christmas and Easter. Sometimes those who come are family members or friends with whom we're sharing the Gospel. Sometimes they're those who take comfort in religious ritual and tradition with which they're familiar from childhood. We rejoice that they come, and we pray for them.

But with Easter and the commemoration of the death and resurrection of Jesus our Lord approaching, it's a good time to reflect on our faith and the things that are most important within it. While there's nothing wrong with organizations, traditions, and institutions, says Bruxy Cavey, pastor of a large southern Ontario church, Jesus, not religion, is at the core of our faith as the way to God. Our "faith is best expressed through active compassion, not just the rituals and routines of religion." Phil Wagler, writer for Canadian Mennonite, believes our faith is also expressed in our obedience to Jesus' command "Go and make disciples." Of all the things the risen Lord could've commanded us to do, he notes, it's striking that He chose to say, "Go and make disciples."

In the same context, Jesus told us to "Go into all the world and proclaim the Gospel." Even in this area we've come to rely on established methods and "traditions." In his article Integrated Mission Unpacked, Salvation Army's Lt. Colonel Ray Moulton says, if the Church in the West is to survive, we must stop believing we have everything figured out in reaching people for Christ and return to a biblical model widely used in the developing world.

And most important, what more powerful way to express our faith than in an intimate relationship with our Lord Jesus? Carol Arnott, former pastor at the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, invites us to "pursue Him like never before and to come into the place of communion and intimacy with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit." How do we develop that depth of intimacy with God? Let's take her advice this Easter and sell the most valuable thing we own to buy that pearl of great price.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend with your family and friends!

Postscript: Special mention to a discussion on climate change:

Last week's poll asked the question, "Do you think global warming is the result of human activity?" Forty-four percent responded "yes," and 56 percent said "no." Clearly the topic of climate change is important to Canadian Christians.

discussion on climate change opened on in March as a result of a news story reporting that some evangelical leaders in the U.S. were warning Christians not to be involved with excesses in the climate change debate. Proponents of the view that climate change is caused by human activity asked if could carry an article representing their position. We then posted an article by Bruce Buttler, chair of the division of science at Canadian University College. This article generated responses from readers who chose to disagree. To represent their perspective, here are their comments.


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Online Editor
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