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Pre-Olympics Persecution

The Chinese government has done a good job of propagandizing the concept that there is a free Protestant Church in China, The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada’s (EFC) legal counsel Don Hutchinson told the National Post. He was invited to comment following the release of a new report by the EFC that identifies the extent of persecution of house churches in China and the increase in the repression of freedom of religion in that country.

Voice of the Martyrs recently drew attention to the persecution of house churches as well.  An article titled 10 Minutes from Olympic Village reports that Chinese Christians are experiencing severe persecution in the form of house arrest, imprisonment and torture. The Post also quotes the EFC report as saying that “China appears to be increasing its persecution of Christians…as a way of stamping out dissent in the run-up to the Beijing Olympic Games.”

Even with severe persecution, Chinese Christians are willing to follow the Lord. Pastor Hua Huiqi remains active in the “illegal” house church in spite of many arrests. “It is better to follow God than the government,” he says. Is there a difference between our willingness in North America to follow God? Edwin Kong, the executive director of Chinese Christian Mission in Canada, points out that we sometimes want the gain without the pain when it comes to growing spiritually and sharing our faith.
Not so with former drug lord Serge LeClerc. He was “beyond hope and redemption,” but today he rescues addicts. Serge now works as the regional director of Teen Challenge in Saskatchewan.

Please check out these articles.  Enjoy your reading, and have a safe and wonderful Canada Day weekend.  And when you sing our national anthem, ponder this: our anthem is intended to be a prayer that can either be spoken or sung.


Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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