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Should Christians Participate in Multi-Faith Worship Services

This week, a potpourri of articles for your enjoyment!

Tsunami aftermath:

Relief efforts continue in areas devastated by the tsunami. In the midst of the horror, however, we thank God for stories of small miracles that have emerged (see the article Fragments of Light in a Dark Time). Another development in its aftermath: the question has once again arisen: should Christians participate in multi-faith worship services? Doug Koop of Christian Week proposes a solution (see Be Respectful and Sin Not).

Videos and movies:

Good news for youth pastors! A series of videos are reaching youth in a big way (see QUEST Videos Transform Youth). Also, read about the man who formed one of Canada's first film production companies (see Living Pictures).

Ministry to gays:

Below you will see this week's highlights on the gay "marriage" issue (for example: Ontario Elementary Teachers Union Supports Same-sex Marriage Law and Letter to the Prime Minister). But let's consider this: while many object to gay "marriage," what are we in the Church doing to help those trapped in the homosexual lifestyle? Read Pursuing Freedom in the Body of Christ and see how some are experiencing deliverance through small group ministry.

Getting old:

If you read last week's article on the prospects for the aged in our society (Aaagh! I'm Getting Old), you might have walked away depressed. Take heart! Aging is a blessing for those whose hope is in Christ (see Wow! I'm Getting Old!). Please check out the other excellent articles and have a good week.

Blessings in Christ,

Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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