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How We Can Defent Biblical Values in Society Today

How do Christians defend biblical values in today's society? The same-sex "marriage" issue is an effective testing ground. God's kingdom rules over all, including the political system. The time is here for us to be salt and light in the world. First, prayer for our government. Then, action.

Just to show you to what extent the need to participate is upon us, consider these developments: if we think marriage is between a man and a woman, will we still be welcome in this country (see the article If I Hear "Charter" One More Time … )? Christian camps are suffering as a result of a human rights complaint because one camp could not in good conscience host a gay/lesbian event (see Camps Bear Brunt of Human Rights Complaint); and taxpayers are being required to fund the gay activists' lawsuits (see Taxpayers Fund Gay Legal Challenges for Same-Sex "Marriage") while distortion of facts takes place in reporting funding made available to Focus on the Family (Canada) to defend marriage (see Distorting U.S. Role in Canadian Debate). To see what we can prayerfully do, read What Evangelicals Are Doing to Defend Marriage.

Also, read the transcript of Dr. Henry Blackaby's address to Christian leaders at a Toronto event recently. Why is the nation not turning back to God? he asked. Obviously the cross has not lost its power. Instead Christians need to find out what God is doing and then move according to His agenda rather than relying on their own efforts. This is a message for all of us (see The Essence of Spiritual Leadership).

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Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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