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Is Redefinition of "Family" Next?

Regarding same-sex "marriage," Barbara Kay, raises an important question. Is redefinition of "family" next? With the bill supporting the redefinition of "marriage" passed, will a natural mother's right to have her child placed in a normative family supersede a gay couple's right to adopt? Not likely, says a judge (see It's Time to Think about the Children).

Also, have you wondered why, with so many Canadians opposed to same-sex "marriage," the government won't call a referendum on it? Because of fear, says Ted Byfield (see the article Fear of the "R" Word)—fear that the general public may decide wrong! Against same-sex "marriage"! That wouldn't fit with plans of political parties.

Movies and real-life drama:

On another note, see the review of the movie Millions below. It is a wonderful, enchanting story about a young child's efforts to be generous.

Also, check the review of Million Dollar Baby. What a coincidence that this movie about assisted suicide should be in the theatres when the world is watching the heart-wrenching drama surrounding Terri Schiavo's life and death in Florida. See Denyse O'Leary's insightful weblog, Terri Schiavo: Your Life Hangs in This Balance Too.

One more real-life drama: read about a man with no business experience who is making millions in top management (see Finding Success at the Top and Bottom of the Fast Food Chain).

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