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Could Terri's Case Happen in Canada

Pain and suffering in the world leave us with many questions. When the Tsunami Struck, Where Was God? That is a question an author asks concerning this, and all events that overwhelm us unexpectedly. He proposes a Scriptural answer in the article below by the same name.

The question concerning suffering became more than a biblical study for one Canadian couple and their family. It became a practical reality for missionaries MaryLou and Dave Driedger who were vacationing in Thailand last Christmas. What If We Had Been on the Beach on Phuket? they ask.

Death and suffering have also invaded our consciousness this week with the deaths of Terri Schiavo and Pope John Paul II. Janet Epp Buckingham asks a very important question: Could Terri's case happen in Canada? The answer is startling (see the article Terri's Tragedy). Also, see Father Raymond J. De Souza's tribute to highly-respected Pope John Paul II (see Days of Mourning).

In another startling development, freedom of speech is suffering with respect to the same-sex "marriage" debate. Apparently only supporters of same-sex "marriage" are permitted to comment publicly on this important social issue (see Teacher Suspended Three Months for Defending Traditional Marriage).

And finally, a mention of another outstanding feature! Please don't miss an excellent article that will take you on a tour of one of the remotest regions on earth. Read A Tale from Two Cities—a story about two pastors who live their faith among distant and secluded nomadic Muslim tribes in the ancient Malian cities of Gao and Timbuktu.

Please see these and other good articles below. Have a great week!

Blessings in Christ,

Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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