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Do You Have a License for that Child

Our world is certainly changing. Would you believe that some human rights activists are advancing the idea of "children's rights" as a justification for requiring couples to buy licenses to have children (click on the headline, Do You Have a Licence for that Child)? Most of us live quiet and peaceable lives, in families and communities with other believers, so hearing these kinds of stories seems to smack of sensationalism. Is it sensationalism, or does it represent a deeper, more sinister force at work in our society?

A frank and hard-hitting article this week is by a Calgary Sun columnist. He asks, is the Crusade Against Christianity Wearing Thin? His voice conveys alarm, but also a note of helplessness. When we see reports of an event, such as the one he describes, we momentarily dismiss them as aberrations. But are they, or are they tell-tale signs of another brick being laid for a foundation of a structure that might one day support persecution of believers in Canada? Along the same lines, a judge has ruled freedom of religion is not absolute, and that forcing someone against their faith to comply with a court order is not a violation of the Charter of Rights (see Court Forces Jehovah's Witness to Accept Transfusion).

That's the bad news, but there's always good news!

Please see two great stories about kids. A parent asks, Can Anything Good Come from a Chat Room? and tells how her boys have grown personally and socially via this pervasive and sometimes dangerous medium. In A Call for Mentors, the author exhorts Christians to undertake the godly and eternally rewarding task of mentoring a young person.

And here's a great idea for fellowship and outreach! Reach out to your friends and neighbours with a movie discussion group. See the article, Seeking the Cinematic Christ, for instructions on how to do it.

Please see these and other informative and inspiring articles!

Blessings in Christ,

Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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