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Some Serious Fun This Week

Happy Mother's Day! It's a calling of God to be a mother. Mothers, may God empower you with love, wisdom, and strength to continue day after day with the indispensable tasks that build lives (see the article A Tribute to Mothers). A mother's love for her children is most remarkable. Read a unique Mother's Day feature—the story of a mom who said "no" to heaven just so she could remain on earth to take care of her children (see Face to Face with Death; Louise Russo Chose Life). And let us remember that while a helping hand is always welcome around the house, our calling is to walk in God's grace, and release others from our expectations (see Think Before You Feel).

A little bit of serious fun this week:

Take a look at a bicycle enthusiast's view of life and theology (see A Theology of the Bike).
Check out the article Monkeying Around with Human Rights. It reports that there is a movement afoot to give apes (our closest relatives among the primates) a special place in the world.
You might agree that world mission is a serious topic. I'm sure you can think of many good reasons to go on missions. But have you thought of the bad ones (see Five Lousy Reasons to Do Summer Missions)?
Here's a serious look at what's happening in the Church today. Is the Church in trouble? asks an author. Do we need a new perspective on leadership? The article Kingdom Leadership in the Postmodern Era, takes a broad and thought-provoking look at the topic.

Finally, sin is breaking new ground. For a serious look at the world, see the headline, Bountiful Polygamists Speak Up. The women of this polygamous community say they like their lifestyle, and will use the Charter of Rights to argue that polygamy is covered under freedom of religion.

Below you will find these and other inspiring and informative articles. Enjoy!

Blessings in Christ,

Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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