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The Good and the Bad of the Internet

It's finally spring! It's been a long time coming in parts of the country, but maybe the weather has broken now (see the article Seeing the World in Shades of Red). Perhaps we can put behind us the recent recollections that history records a year when it snowed every month! It's time to dust off the camping gear, and book a spot early! Christian campgrounds are packed, and for good reason (see The Great Promise of Christian Camping).

While we're thinking of summer vacation, imagine a job where you can travel continually, stop in exotic ports of call and share the Gospel with locals eager to hear the Good News. A young woman from Brantford, Ontario is doing just that (see An Officer of the Sea). Read about this, and two other remarkable outreach efforts by committed believers (see Persecuted Christian Turns Tragedies into a Ministry, and The Innkeeper).

Do you feel as free as these people to share the Gospel, or does your heart pound at the thought of telling someone about Christ? Many Christians are fearful. The article Why Are Christians Afraid of Evangelism takes an insightful look at the root of our fears.

A few more articles important for our times:

Internet is pervasive and invasive, but many of us depend on it daily. How do Christian men and women escape the evils it can perpetrate? The article The Intimacy Fix looks at the grip Internet pornography can have even on Christian leaders. From another perspective, the Internet serves us well as a communications tool that connects and unifies (see Finding God in the Blogosphere). It can also serve as a corporate voice to lobby and influence decisions of major players in society (see The Movement Against Morgentaler).

Finally, don't miss Recent Ontario Decision Revisits Prayer in Government Proceedings. It tells the story of an atheist who took the town Council to court claiming his freedoms were violated at Council meetings by prayers that conveyed a religious message. The presiding judge disagreed.

For these and other inspiring and informative articles, click on the headlines below. Have a great week!

Blessings in Christ,

Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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