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Don't Waste Your Life

You can make a lasting impact on the world. You don't have to be super intelligent, have a lot of money, or be famous. You only need to know one great all-embracing thing—and be set on fire by it. See the article Don't Waste Your Life! and the book by the same name by author John Piper. Then read the story of a young man who sought God for direction, caught a vision, and found out God wanted him to do what he loves doing best—taking kids camping (see A Call to Christian Camp Ministry)! Summer camp for kids! Some of life's best memories start there. It changes lives and touches hearts. This summer you can make a lasting impact on just one person's life—Send a Kid to Camp and Reap Wonders.

Some interesting perspectives in the news lately. Canadians seem to be a forgiving flock "happy to be fleeced," says that author of ADSCAM. We no longer expect the highest levels of morality and integrity from those who govern us. And why is that? Because of what the secular media tells us. But the secular media, whose members have been raised without religion, are shaped by moral relativism and secular humanism, and can't be trusted, says one of their own (see Stephen, Don't Listen to Media).

Are you interested in quilts? The Mennonite Central Committee quilt exhibit could be heading your way. See the article, New Book Illustrates Historic Quilt Exhibit. The book, Passing on the Comfort, stitches together the story of North American women who made quilts and sent them overseas to help WWII refugees. Also included: the schedule of cross-Canada quilt exhibits starting in St. Jacobs, Ontario this week.

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