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Christians Should be Seen and Not Heard

The New York Times heard the breaking news about the Smithsonian from Denyse O'Leary,'s faith and science blogger. The Times said, "News of the Discovery Institute's announcement appeared on a blog maintained by Denyse O'Leary, a proponent of the intelligent design theory, who called it 'a stunning development'" (May 29th). See her weblog, Smithsonian Warms to Intelligent Design.

Discrimina-Tory? Christians can be seen, but should not be heard, according to some news reports. For commentary on these developments, please see Janet Epp Buckingham's weblog, Christians Need Not Apply. The article, If Newton Had Not Had His God, also speaks to this issue and states that an atheistic spirit desiring to "purge" religion from the public square has taken root in our society. Let's pray that God will continue to preserve the freedom of Christians to speak publicly.

What is God's plan for Canada? Unity. The article, A Marriage Is Coming to Canada by David Demian talks about God's desire to heal the ancient wound of division between French and English, and to release Canada into her destiny.

Many desire to see revival in Canada, and are making an effort to share God's love. Alpha at Work tells of a Canadian who launched a workplace outreach program that is now international. Faith combines with good works in an initiative that aims to share God's love through community action (see Celebration 2005 Begins) and Christians are taking this opportunity to do some creative outreach (see Creating a Buzz for God). With these and all our other efforts to be a blessing to our neighbours, do you ever wonder if the things we do make a difference? Read A Natural Alliance, and be encouraged.

Two additional thought-provoking opinion pieces: what would be left of the Bible if we took out all the Scriptures on God's heart for the poor (see Poor Being Forced to Live on Scraps). Also, multiculturalism in itself is good, but in Canada it is endowed with meaning that leads to problems (Multiculturalism: Road to Nowhere).

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Celebration 2005 Begins
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Prejudice and bigotry lurk in unsuspecting ways.

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From downtown Toronto Stock Exchange, to Harrods in London, England, Alpha in the Workplace courses are leaving a mark on CEOs and executives of corporations internationally.

If Newton Had Not Had His God
How did tacit atheism take root in our society? Those who deny faith in God have "purged" the public square of religious content based on their own religious belief system.

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A Natural Alliance
A Jewish writer observes, Christians are working hard: they help the poor, build megachurches, and sell 25 million copies of a book. They are doing something right.

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Poor Being Forced to Live on Scraps
People can really love the Bible, yet completely miss some of its most central themes. The Scriptures repeatedly tell us how to treat the poor, but we just don't seem to get it.





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