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Hot Apple Cider

We owe it to ourselves to learn more about the talent that resides among us.  In our Canadian Christian community we are blessed with some of the world’s best authors who are Christian. Too often great Canadian Christian literature is sidelined by big-name American titles sold in superstores, like the Left Behind series. Wendy Nelles, co-founder of The Word Guild – the Canadian association for writers who are Christian – says, "I would love for Canadian Christians to be much more aware of the writers who are Christian amongst them. [They] need to be supported and encouraged." 

Here’s an easy way to get to know some of our great Canadian writers: pick up a book that’s hard to put down. Read Hot Apple Cider, a new release edited by Nancy Lindquist and Wendy Nelles. An anthology of stories by 30 Canadian Christian authors, it will “stir your heart and warm your soul.” For some additional books by Canadian authors, please scroll down to the “Best Buys” section.

What else is new this week? Here are some highlights that touch on various topics:

NBC checked out the healing meetings in Lakeland, Florida, where hundreds are healed under Canadian evangelist Todd Bentley’s ministry. There has been “good fruit,” and it has been a blessing to many.

On the other side of the ocean, Ethiopian villagers are suffering hardship because the cost of their staple food teff has tripled. Why? Because our actions here in North America affect their lives, says a pastor who has just returned from a mission trip there. We really live in a small world.

And here’s an interesting story, also an international one. Messianic Times tells the story of Calev Myers, who made aliyah to Israel, lived as a struggling artist and then discovered his calling. He has become the foremost civil rights lawyer in Israel to tackle the civil rights issues facing the Judeo-Christian community there.

We invite you to enjoy these articles.

On an end-note, happy Father’s Day, dads! Wives, daughters and sons, in case you’re looking for something to share with your husband, dad or grand-dad this Father’s Day, how about a good helping of Hot Apple Cider?


Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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