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A Seeker-Friendly Church in a Hangar

Commentaries on various items in the news appear foremost among this week's selections.

Health Canada has announced plans to license and regulate as a "controlled activity" the technology of freezing a woman's eggs for future use. Dr. Margaret Somerville notes that serious ethical considerations are involved. When, for example, would it cease to be ethical to donate eggs or sperm among relatives? The obvious case, she says, is a brother donating sperm to a sister.

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada's General Legal Counsel Don Hutchinson comments this week on two stories in the news. In the wake of discussion concerning Prime Minister Steven Harper's image consultant who calls herself a psychic, Hutchinson looks at the restrictions and legalities involved in government hiring practices. In another article published recently in ChristianWeek, he examines Canada's first 25 years with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and notes that it's changed the Canadian legal, political and social landscape dramatically, inalterably and perhaps not for the best.

This week we are also highlighting two additional ChristianWeek stories. One article notes that Christian radio in Canada is expanding with the launch of three new programs and one new radio station. One of the new programs is a brief current events commentary from Ottawa by the EFC's President Bruce Clemenger. Another article invites Canadian Christians to nominate young Christian leaders under the age of 35 who deserve to be recognized for their ministry contributions. Four Christian organizations will select 35 young leaders who will be awarded and encouraged in their ministries. Read Highlighting "35 < 35" Serves Us All and see if someone you know deserves to be nominated.

On to loftier things! What about a summer camp for young people that offers flight training and an opportunity to select a career in missions? Prairie Bible Institute's program exceeds minimum Transport Canada requirements and student test scores are consistently above the national average. If that isn't unique enough, read about an experimental seeker-friendly "church in a hangar" committed to building relationships with the non-churched. It sees high attendance as small planes fly in for church services on Sunday mornings. You also might wish to check out the story of another unique outreach. The Mennonite Central Committee has launched a prison outreach to women that gives inmates an opportunity to develop relationships and work toward reintegration into society. They sew blankets!

We hope you're informed and blessed by these articles. Have a good week.


Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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