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Mom - A Small, But Powerful Word

Regardless of how old we are, in Mom's eyes we're her child.

"Mom. It's a small word. But powerful. No wonder even tough guys tattoo it on their biceps," says Lynda MacGibbon. It must be true that moms are very much alike, because we read Lynda's delightful reflection about her mom, who is always there to care and rescue, and we smile. In it we see the familiar face of the one who held us close to her heart with a love that can only be inspired by heaven.

Mother's Day is usually special at church, but it's especially unique at Koinonia Christian Fellowship in Bloomingdale, Ontario. At Koinonia, Mother's Day is "spa day" for moms in the community. They are pampered with hairstyling, massages, a nice lunch and gifts. But that's not the only outreach in which this church of 1,300 engages. Located in a town of 300, it thrives on ministry to the unchurched.

On the other side of the world, 15-year-old Rati, a young mom of two, is proving God's sustaining grace in a very difficult situation. Gospel for Asia reports the story of this young woman's dedication in God's service while her husband serves a 20-year term in a Napalese prison for a crime he did not commit. Throughout the ordeal, Rati has carried on her husband's ministry of outreach to the community as she clings to her faith and acknowledges that God is in control.

We have been spared persecution for our faith in Canada, but The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada's Douglas Cryer points out that derisive comments about Evangelicals, especially from the country's leaders, build contempt against Christians. They have to stop, he says, and remarks, "Canadians do not accept these types of comments directed toward Jews, Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus or other religions. Evangelicals are entitled to the same respect."

Two more items to note this week:

The new book, The Secret, has a devoted following that shows no signs of diminishing. Many claim it has transformed their lives, but there has been a backlash of those who say there are dangerous aspects to it.

Also, this week The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada has launched a new website. The re-designed website is ready to serve the Canadian Christian community, Parliamentarians, the media and other Canadians with information, resources and links especially created for and about the evangelical community in Canada. Visit often to keep abreast of the latest issues and initiatives.

Enjoy your reading. We wish Moms a Happy Mother's Day.


Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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