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Don't Mess With My Organic Bolivian Brew

The world is focusing on eliminating poverty and feeding the hungry, and we are trying to help (see the article Christian Activists Welcome Live 8 Opportunity). But what exactly are we Christians doing? It is really interesting to note that our contributions lie at the heart of these efforts (see Churches Can Help the Poor). And that is commendable. But one writer, Lynda MacGibbon, points us to higher ground. She observes her own behaviour, and asks, are we in danger of feel-good, arm-chair charity that allows us to remain at a distance from those we help? (See Don't Mess With My Organic Bolivian Roast!)

More news:

  • Bill C-38 has passed in the House of Commons. Expected to be approved in the Senate, marriage has been redefined to include same-sex couples (see Marriage Now Just a Sexual Relationship). See below the response of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada representing 40 Canadian Christian denominations: What Now? Bill C-38 Will Be Law.
  • Making human embryos for use in commercial products raises concerns. What will this mean to the moral and ethical base of our society (see Petri Dish Marvels Create Ethical Bind)?
    Among other excellent articles this week, see Clipping the Gossip Grapevine Before It Grows. If church is a hospital, says Karen Stiller, then gossip is an infection. Instead of getting healed up when we go to church, we catch whatever is going around. She offers a prescription for healing.

And finally, enjoy this—an Ontario church made the Guinness Book of Records for having the world's biggest picnic table (see Picnic Table Fit for a Congregation).

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