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Same-sex Marriage Will Have a Broader Impact Than We Envision

Same old; same old! More on same-sex marriage?

Many Christians appear weary of the seemingly endless reports, opinions and commentaries on that topic. But our weariness can dull our awareness. Songwriter and speaker Stephen Bennett rekindles our sense of urgency in his article, O Canada. As a former homosexual, he insightfully presents some broader implications of same-sex marriage. So does Ted Byfield. Same-sex marriage, he says, will influence the Canadian economy (see How "Gay Marriage" Relates to Economics). We see that it is already affecting schools. On Monday a complaint aimed at forcing British Columbia's public schools to teach compulsory lessons on homosexual issues comes before the Human Rights Tribunal (see Gays Want "Queer Issues" in Schools).

Taking a political stand in favour of biblical principles isn't easy. Lately Evangelicals who do so have been labelled "scary." What's scary, says professor of journalism, David Haskell, is the way our "elite media" manipulate political coverage (see Scary Evangelicals).

More on the media this week. VisionTV is now producing a favourite lifestyle show—the 48-hour makeover—but with a twist. The show undertakes renovating churches (see TV Show Offers Divine Touch). Also in the news, Willard Thiessen, host of television's It's a New Day, has mixed feelings about selling Vancouver's faith-based NOWTV to Rogers Broadcasting (see Rogers Buys Christian Television Station).

Among other good articles, read Fair Warning—a bit of Canadian history with a spiritual lesson. Also read about a church that deliberately preaches messages to thin out the crowd (see Church Uses "Purge" Sundays to Send Non-Committed Elsewhere). And don't miss Lorna Dueck's Can We Forgive Karla?

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Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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