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If God Talks to You, Who Should You Tell

Does God talk to you? The question is a topic of discussion in the secular media lately (see the article Many Maintain God Speaks Directly to Them) because a Nortel executive claimed God told him that he should be appointed to replace the current CEO (see Making Room for God in the Workplace). The question is, when God talks to you, who should you tell? Read Janet Epp Buckingham's answer in her excellent weblog, God-talk in the Real World.

More news: We seldom hear from Muslims after terrorist attacks perpetrated by groups who share their faith. Read the views of a moderate Muslim who asks, "How long will democracies in the West, apart from the United States, persist in the denial of the war that Osama bin Laden and his worldwide Al-Qaida network of Muslim fanatics have declared against them and their allies in the Arab-Muslim world?" (See World Must Unite to Fight Terrorists).

What's next on the agenda of the homosexual lobby? See Normalizing Pedophilia, by Ted Byfield. Also see Teens Left Vulnerable—a distressing article about legal loopholes that allow certain perversities to continue at the expense of our children. How do our teens handle today's harsh realities? For a look at life from a teen's perspective, read Tuning In to Today's Teens, and then pray that the Church will make a difference.

Here's something different—a photo essay! The Mennonite Central Committee has been canning beef and sending it to relief programs around the world for nine years. Click on the article Recipe for Relief, and see how it's done. What a practical way to share God's love!

In conclusion, are you waiting for God to answer your prayers and fulfill His promises to you? Whatever you are contending for, God invites you to take hold of all that His kingdom has for you (see Come Up Higher In Faith).

Blessings in Christ,

Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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