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Fear Is Not Really the Issue

How do we react when we see that circumstances in our world are aligning themselves increasingly against Christ-followers? In last week's quote Janet Epp Buckingham said Evangelical leaders "fear" potential developments surrounding the legalization of same-sex marriage (see the article Canadian Evangelical Christians Voice Regret over Homosexual Marriage Law). A visitor responded, "Acknowledging fear is one thing, but fear must be opposed when it attempts to seat itself in our hearts lest we react in ways that do not reflect Christ." To those who could feel fear due to court cases already pending because of their stand for biblical practice, and to those who share their concerns, Bruce Clemenger, the president of the EFC—an association of 40 Canadian denominations, says, "We are a people of faith, not a people of fear." In this week's news weblog (see Same-sex Marriage is Law: Here's Where We Stand) he addresses Canadian Christians who continue to uphold the biblical understanding of marriage.

Interestingly, a homosexual community leader also has concerns. See the article below, C-38 Passes; Battle Lines Drawn, for an evaluation of a piece by the editor of the homosexual publication Capital Xtra. He expresses concern that the passage of Bill C-38 has awakened the Christian "sleeping giant," and laments that it will make it all the harder for the homosexual lobby to achieve its goals.

A great teaching article this week: Did you know you need to make silence a goal in your overcrowded schedule? Unfortunately, most of us "fear" it and drown it out however we can. But how do we gear down our frantic lives? That's The Purpose of Solitude—quality time that lets you hear God.

Also, be inspired with the faith of others—a young Azeri teen whose testimony to Christ caused her to lose her opportunity for an education (see Accused in Azerbaijan); a Trinity Western graduate who chose a career of rescuing babies in his African homeland (see Graduate Continues Legacy of Saving Infants); another young man who was saved from addiction and launched in ministry (see Free Indeed!).

Have a good week, and remember, ultimately fear is not really the issue. It's Who you fear (see Afraid? Of What?).

Blessings in Christ,

Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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