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Do you have to know something about the thought systems called "modernism," and "postmodernism"? Aren't they just "ivory tower" concepts that fuel Philosophy 101? The article, Modernity, Postmodernity and the Gospel, offers a clear and simple explanation of these perspectives on life, and helps us understand our relationship to them. And here's a bonus—the article Getting Our Bearings, gives real-life examples that show us how to share the Gospel with people who adhere to either thought system. Do you need to know? You do—for the sake of sharing your faith.

An interesting development in science: Self-esteem has dropped a notch in the estimation of scientists. In fact, Christians shouldn't regard it too highly either. Self-esteem is not a biblical concept (see Science vs. the Self-Esteem Myth).

The Bible exhorts us to esteem others more than ourselves. But even then, is it possible to bestow too much esteem on someone? A Trinity Western professor thinks so. She asks, have we developed a social elite based on vocation in the Body of Christ? Do we esteem those who are in full-time ministry as being "superior" in some way to the rest of us (see Degrees of Separation)?

Another insight: What has to happen for Canada to be transformed? The Church must come into unity, says Dr. David Demian, (see The Unity that Brings Authority). Unity releases authority to see the purposes of God established. The director of communications for Alpha Canada says, "If Canada is going to be transformed, it will be when God comes to town!" And Alpha Canada, who is launching its 2005 season of outreach this week, plans to invite Him (see Alpha National Initiative 2005).

Finally, please see the article, Vote Will Not Alter State of Our Unions. This is an outstanding article by Bishop Fred Henry that says the government has no authority to alter the meaning of "marriage" or "family." Any terminology the state invents for legal purposes cannot change reality.

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Online Editor
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