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"Spiritual Formation" - A Growing Interest Among Evangelicals

What is the answer to a need for a deeper spiritual experience with God? When an Evangelical Missionary church leader expressed his desire to grow spiritually, his pastor recommended a well-known book and a new centre in Edmonton, the Centre for Evangelical Spiritual Formation. A key component for spiritual formation provided at the Centre is a relationship with a spiritual director – a relationship deemed to be most productive.

Leaders at Harvest Bible Chapel in Oakville, Ontario, believe that outreach committees, projects and programs will extend God’s grace only if people in the congregation are growing spiritually and are firmly planted in God’s Word. Even though it hasn’t been easy, their efforts at discipleship have been rewarded. People are hungry for a deeper knowledge of God and are driving 100-kilometre distances to attend worship there.

Bert Warden, a retired pastor in Abbotsford, British Columbia agrees that living one’s Christian convictions is not easy. Few people today understand the foundation of truth and morality on which the Christian faith is founded, he says, and it’s our job as believers to demonstrate it to them. 

Living out Christian convictions is particularly difficult for young people of high school and college age. According to some reports atheistic professors at secular academic institutions express an eagerness to engage young Christians’ minds and to convert them. In response, a home-schooling mother of five has launched a course to help young people continue in their faith as they take responsibility for their lives and go off to university.

Do you know a student who might enjoy an additional year at home before launching out in a university environment? It’s now possible. An innovative online program is helping students gain post-secondary credits without darkening the door of a university.

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Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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