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Qualities of Laughter

You can't write a funny essay on laughter, says David Warren. At least he's never found one. Laughter as a topic, doesn't lend itself to being funny he notes as he muses on the qualities of laughter. He particularly observes that laughter is a cultural expression, and that emotionally it's restorative.

But if laughter is indeed healthy for us, consider these statistics. When we were young, we laughed as many as 200 times a day, says Phil Callaway. As adults, we laugh an average of only four times a day. "Where did we lose 196 laughs?" he asks, and suggests, perhaps just like a grandma steeped in the wisdom of years, we too need a new way of looking at things.

In North America we have been truly blessed if we were raised in families where as children, we could laugh and enjoy life. Three hundred and eighteen million children in the world under 18—some as young as five—are involved in some kind of "economic activity." Most of them have to work for low, or no wages, and in hazardous conditions because their family's survival depends on it. This week Dave Toycen of World Vision offers a heart-rending report on Child Labour. And yes, there is something we can do to help alleviate this great injustice.

In another development, one that Ian Hunter calls "alarming," he notes, the world is approaching the condition P.D. James described in his novel, Children of Mena world without children. He quotes Mark Steyn who says that Japan has now become a country where deaths exceed births to the point that manufacturers are intentionally making dolls to replace children as companions to the elderly. Hunter reminds us of the Scripture, "Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth," yet observes that we westerners are more inclined to self-gratification and materialism, than obedience to God's commands.

And that is a paradox because all over the world religion has taken centre stage—Islam, gay "rights," religious freedom. Some rationalists believe that the "rationalism of the Enlightenment is a minority position in the world today." According to an Ottawa Citizen article, they're fighting back. Atheists too have become more strident in their opposition to faith, says Al Hiebert. They are arguing to end the tolerance of all sorts of "faith"—a tolerance that "old atheists" practiced for millennia.

These articles offer excellent insights into our world, and we encourage you to read them. But for inspiration and encouragement, read the story of one atheist who learned that whatever control we think we have over our lives is merely an illusion. He gave his life to Christ.


Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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