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When Temptation Knocks, What Do You Do?

What tempts you? Food? Shopping? Video games? Or could it be more serious? Maybe it's alcohol, gambling or pornography. Big or small, temptation arrives at the door of our soul like an alluring visitor, but entertaining it leads to sin. How do we deal with it? Jesus is our example. He demonstrated a way for us to reject it (see Matthew 4). We can also read what writer Mary Reimer suggests. She offers four steps to keep temptation out.

We read in Scripture that sin, when it's fully grown, brings forth death. That's especially true when it comes to sexual sin. Relationships die. Marriages die. And sometimes faith and hope die. Recovery can be particularly difficult and slow for a spouse that believed her marriage was indestructible until she was blindsided. What can she do? Send out an SOS! "Pick up your paddle and wave," encourages a survivor of her husband's sexual sin. Her article includes numerous resources for husbands and wives who want to see their lives restored. If you live out west, you can also consult another resource—a secular TV show produced by a pastor who wants to see marriages strengthened.

Almost every one of us knows someone—even a Christian leader—who's fallen into sexual sin. The most recent example, of course, is that of Ted Haggard, former pastor and head of the National Association of Evangelicals in the U.S. While we cannot engage in all manner of sin and still be a spiritual leader, says Dr. John Stackhouse, we must not wait to become perfect before we help others. We can help them as fellow sufferers, but also with a strong and clear sense of our limitations.

One sin is the ultimate crime against the victim and the family—murder. No one should have to face such a horror, but the family of Derek Rogers is especially thankful they didn't have to face it alone. "God has wept with us," says Derek's sister. Her emotional pain has been excruciating, but she's found comfort in the sufferings of Jesus. Her words apply in the aftermath of this, and all other consequences brought to bear on us by sin: "Pain and tragedy can be borne so that God is glorified and good can come out of it."

So many of us work in secular workplaces where we, too, could help those who are suffering and point them to Christ, yet too often we have a vague sense that our secular work is insignificant compared to the work of someone in Christian ministry. Church and workplace need not be separated, say some Christian leaders who are calling for a theology that can equip business people to be missionaries in their workplaces.

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Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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