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The Centre of Christianity Has Shifted

We in the "North" have much to learn about faith from our "Southern" neighbours, says Dave Toycen, president of World Vision Canada. "Leprosy, AIDS, hunger, poverty—it takes a muscular faith to live with joy when you face these kinds of odds," he explains, and tells us that this may be "one of the reasons why the Christian faith is thriving in the Southern Hemisphere while it languishes in the North." He offers some startling statistics along with the thoughts of four leaders on the "faith shift."

As World Vision published Toycen's article, the Anglican church worldwide was engrossed in discussion concerning their leadership's position on the ordination of homosexuals. This week Rev. Raymond De Souza points out that the North to South "shift" has just made its first global impact. Anglican church leaders of the South have asserted the centrality of sin, mercy, healing, salvation and liberation in Anglican doctrine, and are demanding that the North comes into alignment with this position—or else!

Should we call the decline of the Church in the "North" that Toycen describes a crisis? Leonard Hjalmarson does. He takes a theological look at this crisis and offers some insights. He observes, "Only those who 'forsake all' for the sake of love can reach a city not built with hands."

It's not by power, nor by might, but by God's Spirit that change takes place. We see great need around us. Many of us, perhaps, observe it most in our workplaces. Bullying, for instance, is on the rise in very respectable workplaces. How can we make a difference? Here's what one Vancouver pastor is endeavouring to do. Once a month his church hosts a noon-hour event with a hot meal and a guest speaker who shares his or her faith with people working downtown. Even on the home front, how do we make a difference? The head of a global church network believes the Church worldwide could lose a whole generation of new leaders to a culture that embraces consumerism, the media and entertainment. Our integrity at home makes a very big impression on our children. Through our example, our children see the value of engaging the Lord in everything they do. May all our words and deeds reflect our love for God!

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Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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