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Jesus Gave Us Weapons of Spiritual Warfare

Companies have an agenda, says Phil Callaway. They spend billions selling us unhappiness, and we buy it at a "handsome price" believing their message that we need more "things." In his article, "The Trouble with Things," he invites us to consider, in contrast, the example of Jesus' life, love and kindness toward us. Jesus left behind His riches in heaven and become poor, so that by His poverty we could become rich. How do we achieve such a lifestyle?

When we committed to Christ's lordship in our lives, we were born into a spiritual conflict with the forces of darkness and into a daily walk in a hostile world, explains Reuven Doron, a Jewish believer whose personal experience of God's power to heal and to restore inspires many. He encourages us that Jesus left us with spiritual weapons to overcome in these daily battles. Three of these weapons, he says, are so important that every Christian should know how to use them.

Certainly, one of our greatest weapons is prayer. Bert Warden, a retired B.C. pastor says, like Nehemiah, we need to be awakened to the "broken" condition of our country and especially the Church. Through prayer we too need to rebuild the "walls" that have crumbled under enemy onslaught. It's not hard to find brokenness around us. We read in the headlines this week, for example, that one of Canada's largest cell phone companies announced they wanted to offer pornographic photos and videos to their customers. An immediate response from Christian groups caused them to change their mind. In another example, a young disabled girl was surgically "redesigned" so that it would be easier for her parents to take care of her. Morally we feel that's wrong, but our reasoning glosses over our intuitive senses.

As we "stand in the gap" like Jesus did, we exhibit Christ's kindness toward others. B.C. pastor Dan Unrau poses an interesting question: Why is kindness a gift that some people share so easily, while others persist in cruelty and meanness? He offers an answer in the gentle and heartwarming story of one old saint's gift of love.

Don't miss the rest of this week's line-up below. And for your interest, in response to our poll question, "Would you be willing for your church to substitute hymns and worship choruses with U2 songs?" 87 percent said No, and 13 percent said Yes. We received an e-mail from a reader about it. Read her story. She said her church did a New Year's Eve event that substituted U2 songs for hymns and worship choruses. It not only drew local media attention, but also some local seekers to church.


Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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