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A Cartoon Strip that Reflects Christian Truth

We prefer to avoid conflict. Yet, conflict resolution through conversation—the very thing we tend to avoid—could change everything and bring about the reconciliation we long for, writes Rob Lindemann, quoting Susan Scott's book Fierce Conversations.

Several of this week's articles touch on the themes of conflict and reconciliation. With a focus on reconciliation, military chaplains from 30 countries, some of which have been at war with each other, are meeting in Ottawa this week. Major Neil Parker of the Canadian Chaplain General's office says military chaplains are a contradiction. "We are in the armed forces as a sign of peace, a reminder that war is not the answer."

In Toronto, because of a donation kettle, the Salvation Army has inadvertently been drawn into a "war" of their own with local gay activists who claim that the Army isn't "gay-friendly." Ron Farr, an Army officer, says the Army desires reconciliation with those who oppose "the kettle" and its work.

And here's another perspective on "reconciliation." Linda Colwell merges ministry to others and service to her country into a unique lifestyle. On Sundays, in her Salvation Army uniform, she volunteers at an outreach for the homeless where she waits on tables, chats with visitors and cleans up. On Mondays she exchanges that uniform for a Canadian Forces one and goes to work as a Brigadier-General—one of three women with this rank.

Several articles in recent months have addressed the dire need for helping the poor and homeless. It seems as if God is drawing our attention to the marginalized at this time. This week we are featuring an article highlighting a new approach in outreach to the poor. It mentions Michael Polanyi, coordinator of the multi-faith group Kairos. He's searching Toronto for three churches that could participate in a year-long pilot project to engage low-income people, not merely as people needing help, but as neighbours.

Finally, don't miss this story! A cartoon strip about a thrift shop that helps the homeless is making it big across the U.S. and Canada. Kevin Frank's Heaven's Love Thrift Shop, a cartoon strip that reflects Christian truth, is published in more than two dozen newspapers, and the numbers are growing.

This week, please enjoy these articles.


Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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