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Search for Intimacy

What month could be more fitting for sharing Christ's message of love? We're relational beings, primarily created for relationship with God, with a spouse and children, with a friend, and with a neighbour. Love is at the heart of each of these. But human relationships are complex. We want to be loved, and the more we search for intimacy, the more it can escape us. So, once again as Valentine's Day approaches, many Christian publications are encouraging us to take a fresh look at our walk of love.

Phil Callaway in his article, "I Can't Love Without You," touches on the heart of "true love." Stacey McKenzie, the author of True Love Costs, says without God it's difficult, or perhaps impossible, to find the love we long for. Consider, for instance, the story this week about seniors in the National Post! It says boredom and a desire to live with more personal freedom are fuelling a "new face of divorce." Seniors are abandoning their marriages and opting to go it alone!

Can Christians avoid becoming a statistic in that category? Our duty is to look to our God who can make a difference. We can find fulfillment in our love relationships with others through the way we approach our relationship with God, says McKenzie. Writer and speaker Grace Fox suggests, when the chocolates are gone and February 14 is a memory, we can continue to build our marriage relationship with sacrificial gifts like the gift of time. She adds, "Spending time alone together provides opportunity to focus on each other, to dream and set goals, to laugh and play."

And let us remember our friends. Long-standing friendships have a sense of the eternal about them. They go on, even when we do not, says Lynda MacGibbon. She shares a bittersweet moment when she opened the letter of a friend and realized, friendships come in a season but last forever.

We invite you to plan something special with a loved one or friend in the coming week—repair old relationships; build on existing ones. In addition, please see more articles below, and check out these:

Jonathan Kay looks at the value of faith versus Richard Dawkins' virulent hatred of God. His article, from the perspective of one who calls himself an "agnostic who rarely cracks a prayer book," makes a very interesting read. And you might want to know about the latest in church music. U2's songs are sung by millions around the world, but lately, in some churches they have replaced hymns and anointed praise and worship choruses.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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