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It's Time to Abolish Slavery - Again

Evangelicals once led the campaign to abolish slavery. It's time to do it again, says Faith Today magazine. It reports that still today 27 million slaves worldwide are bought and sold for an average price of $100. That is the largest number of people ever enslaved at any point in world history. Historically, Canada has not been exempt. A number of contemporary churches trace their roots to the historic slave trade in Canada.

As Canadians, we are blessed with freedom, but Iain Benson, a lawyer and the director of the Centre for Cultural Renewal, says the free enquiry of higher education in the West is under serious threat. What happens in universities often indicates where things are going in the wider culture. He maintains that freedom of expression is becoming limited in our universities.

In the wider culture we often witness an effort to marginalize the Christian faith. Most recently, however, when public prayer became an issue at the Durham regional council meetings, an interesting thing happened. A city council committee decided to retain the Lord's Prayer at the beginning of each meeting because dozens of residents turned out to protest an effort to ban it.

We invite you to be inspired and informed as you read these articles and others below. Don't miss Phil Callaway's inspirational insights into true love in marriage, or Stuart and Lynley Allan's story. They prayed and believed fervently that God would fulfill His promises to them and that they would have a baby. But when ten years of waiting had eroded their hope and crushed their expectation, the impossible happened.

Till next week, be blessed!

Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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