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Society is Changing, and So is Outreach

Canadian society is changing. Compassion through conventional forms of outreach to the poor is no longer enough, says Dr. Rick Tobias, head of Yonge Street Mission, Toronto. The dramatic increase of those who are very poor and their great need for assistance demands that Christian leaders move beyond compassion to commit themselves to justice.

Change in Canadian society through multiculturalism also places new demands on the Church. Multiculturalism has created large pockets of unreached people groups within Canada's borders. As a result, a Texas pastor sees Canada as a mission field. He'll be sending a mission team to Vancouver to share the gospel with Japanese residents, help equip church leaders, start new churches, and work on college campuses.

As rapidly as our society is changing, so are our methods of outreach, says Barry P. Boucher, senior pastor of The Life Centre in Ottawa. Outreach can now be facilitated by technology, and "the full effect of marketplace ministry has not been seen yet as God prepares His people for service in the 21st century—a Church without walls." Superstar Sylvester Stallone, who has returned to his Christian roots through a conversion experience, is using the screen to share the message of Christ. His recent movie Rocky Balboa is "the latest and final chapter in the Rocky series, reflecting [his] conviction that life is about following Christ, not battling it out alone."

Here's a story to encourage you not to battle it out alone. A Hamilton, Ontario, intercessor Diane Elms observed last year that there needed to be a change in the city's government. She brought her concern before the Lord, but His answer shocked her. With some personal struggle, Diane obeyed, and the outcome was unique.

Please enjoy these, and a number of other articles below, including several excellent news commentaries by Margaret Somerville, Al Hiebert, and Mark Pickup. Have a good week!


Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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