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The Broad Way or the Narrow Way?

Two roads: the broad way …

Is the free West sleepwalking a road to its own destruction while blissfully ignoring the many danger signs that are everywhere?

Mark Steyn, whose essays and columns appear in many major publications, asks this question. Born in Toronto, he served as a writer for the Hamilton Spectator for many years. He now lives in New Hampshire where he attends a Baptist church. Harry Antonides, a columnist for the Christian Courier, reviewed Steyn's new book America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It. It has been a huge bestseller in the U.S.

While one of Mark Steyn's major concerns is the advanced stage of demographic decline, other current issues could also raise flags for Christians. The three-parent case that removed biological relationship as a requirement for parenthood, is one. "Decisions such as this are part of a larger trend," says The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada's (EFC's) Douglas Cryer, "and we should be very concerned." The EFC believes this court decision puts the traditional family unit at stake.

Another issue—a call for more fetal tests—has raised concerns among ethicists who fear it could lead to more abortions. Ethicists are also concerned that pressuring women to donate "fresh" embryos for stem cell research could lead to the outright creation of embryos as research subjects.

Two roads: the narrow way …

The Congo, a vast and ungovernable land, has long been described as Africa's "ultimate hellhole" (Time magazine, June 2006). In this setting, a gripping tale of adventure unfolds. A small band of Christians, cautious of lurking dangers, winds its way along a narrow, impassable mountain road. Only confidence in God gets them through. Where does this road lead? It's the road to revival. It takes these committed apostles to remote Congolese villages where they witness the energy and outpouring of God's supernatural power revealed in ministry. Rolland and Heidi Baker, who tell this story, are missionaries to Mozambique. Rolland Baker's grandfather, H.A. Baker, is known for his book set in a Chinese orphanage: Visions Beyond the Veil.

Interest in serving in missions has increased dramatically in the last year. InterVarsity Christian Fellowship reports that there is a 50 percent increase in Canadian students who registered to attend its annual mission conference. The conference was a tremendous success. Mission groups are stressing the need to minister to the whole person rather than focusing only on spiritual or physical needs.

Writer Lynda MacGibbon also attended. Overcome by the quality of teaching and impartation she received, she felt a conviction to weigh carefully her own words as she speaks. Words last, she says, and asks, Who knows the power of a word once it embeds itself in a heart? If we make only one New Year's resolution, she suggests, let it be a commitment to watch our words.

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Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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