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Evangelicals Are a Hot Topic Lately

Will Christianity cease to be a major force in shaping Canadian culture in the near future, or is this country headed for revival?

Apparently interest in who Christians are and what they believe abounds in Canada. Perhaps prompted by scandals in the Church and by politics (not really the best motivators), evangelical Christianity was a hot topic on a Globe and Mail forum recently. Discussions generated "stunningly high" web traffic.

Thus early 20th-century progressive thinkers who expected religion to lose its influence in shaping culture might be surprised that Christianity has not been relegated entirely to the private sphere, says National Post's columnist Rev. Raymond J. De Souza. Religion has been a dominant factor in recent decades, he says, and streams of Christianity that present the message of personal salvation in Christ and right living are flourishing. By way of an example, a University of Alberta student recently observed the integration of the Christian faith among Cree Indians of northern Canada who say that the God of the Bible is the same God their ancestors worshipped.

On a personal note this week, writer Maxine Dickie tells the story of her own salvation in Canada's far north. A trip to the Yukon and a harrowing experience rekindled the words of a missionary in her heart and changed her life.

Please be informed and inspired by these articles as well as the ones below, and check out our new weblog by Prof. John Stackhouse! He says the Chicago Bears football fans are deeply divided about a matter of faith!


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Online Editor
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