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Take a Hike with Someone You Like

Enjoy summer while it's still here! Take a walk, and when you do, take a camera! See things that driving would have "flattened into non-existence." The article, Ode to Walking, is a most delightful essay in defence of this almost abandoned, but common means of transport. And when summer is over, don't just file your memories on a CD. Print them, and create a scrapbook heirloom for everyone to enjoy (see Capturing Summer Fun).

Summer is revealing in more ways than one! What message are we Christians sending to the World, for example, with our style of dress, asks Janet Epp Buckingham in her weblog, Modesty Becomes Us. With long hair and high seat backs, from the rear pews it looks like some women aren't wearing tops in church!

See also, Summer Mission to Mexico. Captured on video, this story reveals how a group of teens discovered that serving in missions brings joy even if it means hard work and perseverance.

Among other articles of interest, Long Night's Journey Into Day reveals the struggle of the Mayan people as they grow in their understanding of the Christian faith. Also, don't miss Revisiting Christianity's "Holy Wars." Complemented by bright pictures, this article offers an insightful look at the Crusades—still one of the Church's darkest hours. Finally, Michael Coren says that in Canada we have engineered a rights-based, rather than a responsibility-based society. Read his article: Rights-Worship Fetish Running Our Society, and pray that God might call our country to righteousness.

Enjoy the remainder of summer!

Have a good week.

Blessings in Christ,

Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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