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Don't Die Before You Are Dead

"Humanity was most fragile after all," says Father Raymond J. De Souza. We have seen unbearable devastation in the wake of Katrina, but most difficult to comprehend is what we see unleashed from the heart of man in this tragedy (see the article Humanity Was Most Fragile After All).

None of us is exempt from examining our hearts. To what extent is God's love shed abroad through us? Wendy Gritter, the director of New Directions ministry, says in an interview that the Church has not been all it could be to churchgoers and non-churchgoers who struggle with homosexual sin. She makes suggestions on what we could do better to meet their needs (see "Just As I Am").

With respect to gay issues, in her weblog, Janet Epp Buckingham points out that some school boards are instituting policy that asks teachers to "combat heterosexuality" in the classroom. But parents may object if their children are asked to question their sexuality. How should they address this issue Christianly? Janet offers some suggestions (see Children Taught to Question Their Sexuality?). Also, as if by warning, a writer reports that Christian teens are going Back to School—With Doubts About Jesus. Why? Because our culture has such a deep influence on them.

The above articles are excellent, and are "must-reads." But please check out the rest of this week's line-up below. For example, you can read how a Canadian business man is promoting faith in one of the world's richest cities (see Dubai: Pearl of the Middle East). Or you might want to take an honest look at yourself (and smile) in "Honey, Does This Make Me Look Fat?" And most important—Don't Die Before You Are Dead!. In other words, don't give up!

Blessings in Christ,

Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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