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We Can Be Emotionally Free

Addictions, obsessions, strongholds? God wants us free to serve him and reach others with the Good News! Our success in work, family and ministry depends on our emotional health. But is it possible to be free of the things that cling so closely? Modern neuroscience research does not support that we are helpless victims of the genes of our evolutionary past (see the weblog below, Can You Really Change Your Mind?). Neither does Scripture. Read the article Emotionally Free, and find out how God proposes to clean us up.

People will interpret Scripture in various ways, but to say that it condones same-sex sexual practice denies the obvious meaning of certain passages. See the New Direction for Life article, The Bible Is Clear About Same-Sex Sexual Behaviour. See also the story of a pastor who is facing the Alberta Human Rights Tribunal because of a letter he wrote to a newspaper concerning a Scriptural position on homosexuality (see Pastor Faces Hearing Over "Anti-Gay" Letter).

Freedom of religion in Canada is being challenged on other fronts as well. Concerning terrorism, three journalists who wrote the article, How To Win This War, call us to contemplate this issue seriously. They say democracy cannot survive if people of various faiths are divided against one another in religious conflict.

And most important—are you looking for ways you can help the New Orleans relief effort? Here are disaster relief guidelines to help you respond. To participate in a Canadian Christian relief effort, visit this website. For more information, see the article, In Times of Disaster, How Do We Respond?

Blessings in Christ,

Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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