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Out of Control, or Out of Our Control

When you think your life is in order, something can happen to send it spinning (see the article Out of Control). That was the experience of thousands in the path of the recent hurricanes Rita, and especially Katrina. While many Christians have been busy with relief efforts, the "prophetic" declarations of some have received attention even in the secular media (see Katrina Inspires Practical—and "Prophetic"—Responses). Was it God's punishment, as they believe? See what the author of Katrina and God's Judgment has to say.

Can we trust all that we read and hear in the media? The author of Lies, Mistakes, and Half Truths is concerned that too many Christians base their opinions on significant issues without realizing that media reporting is biased.

Also this week, we are pleased to highlight three women who are fulfilling their callings in service to the church and in the marketplace. Sandra Manning, entrepreneur and woman of faith, serves alongside her husband in politics (see A Woman for All Seasons). A missionary to the Middle East, Ann Hilsden has made Jerusalem her home (see At Peace in the Middle East). And Christin Hilbert Hardock, a medical doctor, shares the struggles of her walk of faith in a society that is not quite egalitarian (see On Being a Woman in Medicine).

Enjoy your reading, and for a treat, check out the story of the fashion designer who has developed a fashion line around the theme of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (see Cross Stitched). I invite you to check out these and the other informative articles below and consider making your homepage!

Blessings in Christ,

Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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