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Put the Thanks Back into Thanksgiving

Harvest days! Fall, a feast of end-of-summer fruits, and fun with family! It's Thanksgiving and we worship and praise God for the bounty and blessing He has bestowed on us. Put the "Thanks" Back in Thanksgiving, urges the writer of the article by the same name. Here are some ideas to incorporate into your family's Thanksgiving festivities.

This week, a variety of informative and thought-provoking articles! Most important, we need to protect our kids! According to reports, many kids engage in sexual practices legally at ages as young as 12. See Janet Epp Buckingham's weblog, Sex, Teens, and the Age of Consent. At the same time, see Phil Callaway's tongue-in-cheek solution in Eight Simple Rules for Dating My Son.

Then, consider how we are responding to the increase in legalized gambling in Canada. Traditionally the church has not recognized gambling as an acceptable practice. Why then today are Christians so indifferent to it? asks Dr. John Redekop. He suggests ten reasons in his insightful article titled Why Are Christians So Indifferent to Gambling?

Anti-Semitism is also on the increase. It seems to be taking hold and spreading at an alarming rate internationally and even in Canada. Does it concern us as believers? Yes, says the author of Anti-Semitism—the Soul-Killing Sickness of the Western World. We have a vital part to play in stemming this tide.

And don't miss being inspired by a scientist's faith in a personal God. Consider the insights and testimony of Dr. Victor Ling, department head of the cancer genetics section at the B.C. Cancer Research Centre in Vancouver and professor of biochemistry and molecular biology at the University of B.C. (see A Cancer Scientist's Personal Journey of Faith).

Let me leave you with a question: How would you feel about scheduling a day of solitude and prayer this fall? Go to the homepage of and voice your response in the box titled Poll of the Week at the top of the right hand column.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Blessings in Christ,

Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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