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Coffee Online, Anyone

Christians are world-class givers. The tsunami, Katrina, and now the earthquake in Pakistan. While many countries around the world have given to Pakistan's earthquake victims, it is encouraging to see to what extent the Christian community in Canada has helped (see the article Send Aid to Earthquake-Rocked South Asia).

Missions in action! If you have ever wondered what your missions dollars will do, take a look at what's happening at Gospel for Asia (see Miracle in a Pocket). There's no doubt our giving makes a difference. How would you feel about giving if you could get something in return? Here is an innovative idea that's raising money for missions creatively (see Coffee Wafts a Sweet Aroma for Missions).

When we speak of an "underground church," we think of believers assembling secretively, and illegally, in distant lands. But can "home church" be illegal in Toronto? The experience of one of Toronto area's churches causes us to realize that the word church doesn't necessarily mean the same thing to us as it does to our neighbours (see The Underground Church—in Toronto!).

And what about our personal "mission" (ministry) to our neighbours? Have you thought about what you're doing for Halloween? If you're giving out goodies, you might want to see how the Christian Reformed Church is converting it into an outreach event (see Free Kids' Corner Bookmark Great for Halloween).

In the news, please check out Janet Epp Buckingham's thought-provoking weblog Euthanasia and Bill C-40. And here's one more we want to mention: Youth "Hard-Wired to Connect" to God. All they need is for us to point the way.

Please check out other good articles below as well. Have a great week!

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