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Christians Need to Wake Up

Perspective matters!

Here is one writer's perspective on Christianity in Canada. Christians "need to wake up," says National Post's Lorne Gunter, and become fully engaged in politics if they want to save any of the values they cherish (see article Conservative Columnist Calls on Canada's Religious Right to Wake Up).

What is the relationship between Israel and the Church? One of the most informative articles this week by a Canadian who lives in Israel explains a theological perspective called "Replacement Theology." Is this a biblically valid perspective? See Wayne Hilsden's article below, Replacement Theology—Fact or Fiction?

For those who seek to know how to express the biblical perspective on homosexual relationships, an article by an "expert" who has walked that road and is now in public ministry will help (see Homosexual Behaviour Is Outside of God's Intentions). It will also help those who are sincerely seeking God's truth on this sensitive issue.

Yes, Halloween's over, but it is worth knowing about the perspective the Toronto School Board took on this event (see Toronto School Board Warns Against Offending Wiccans at Halloween).

News this week concerns Bill C-407 that came before the Parliament for debate. It is a private member's bill that deals with assisted suicide. Many are concerned that if it is passed, it could lead to undesirable applications of "mercy killing" (see Physician-Assisted Suicide Opponents Marshall Arguments and "Mercy Killing" Bill Must Be Snuffed).

Please see these, and other good articles, and let's be reminded to seek God's perspective on the issues we face this week.

Blessings in Christ,

Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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