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The Fires of Intifada

A lot of thought-provoking, great articles this week, and a lot of commentary about current events.

Nightly riots, a trail of smouldering cars and buildings, and the sound of "Allahou Akbar!" resounding in the streets. French authorities say they haven't seen anything like it since the Second World War. And it is spreading—now Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, and Germany. Islamic intifada has arrived in Europe (see the article Fire in France), and the authorities still have not identified what it is they're dealing with, says the author.

At least one Arab country is in a quandary. Morocco has enjoyed a Western lifestyle and tourism, and is now caught in a struggle of cultural tension between loyalty to tradition and new Western influences (see Changing Times a Challenge for Islamic Morocco), including the Gospel.

We must not be afraid to share the Gospel, says writer Royal Hamel. He brings us the message that Christians cannot be "politically correct" when it comes to exposing sin (see Evangelicals Must Not Apologize for Exposing Sin). Expressing core elements of the Gospel is not hatred, even if some take offense at biblical truth that convicts of sin. Evidently, one group has expressed unbridled offence, and a segment of our government has been found supporting them (see Canadian Government Caught Funding Anti-Christian Bigotry).

Euthanasia is in the news as well. Do we have the right to decide who lives and who dies? asks Stockwell Day (see Politicians Playing God). The arguments against assisted suicide are deeply unsettling, he concludes, and our only option is to choose to sustain life, however meagre.

And here's an interesting question: How will secular media handle Christianity over the next decade? At a faith and media conference it became apparent that the media has a plan (see Church vs. State: A "War" with Christianity).

This week, please ponder these, and other News and Inspirational articles below. Especially, take note that Samaritan's Purse shoebox gifts for underprivileged children are due on November 12 (see Packing Christmas in a Shoebox).

Blessings in Christ,

Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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