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There Is Power in Prayer - Let's Pray!

Riots, fears of pandemics, governments in chaos—"The news over the last two weeks has been dismal, dismal and more dismal," says Janet Epp Buckingham. "Where is the hope? Where is the peace?" She leads us to the only possible solution—"It's time to pray" not just for world issues and for ourselves, but also for our brothers and sisters in Christ (see her weblog Peace in the Storm).

While the Western church has enjoyed freedom of religion protected by the law, Christians of the non-Western world often suffer discrimination and even intense State persecution. This year 200 million people in 60 countries are facing persecution (see the article God Is Working in His-story for His Glory). What can we do? We can join with thousands throughout the world this Sunday to pray for the persecuted (see Thousands of Churches to Partake in Largest Prayer Initiative for the Persecuted Church).

Be encouraged. Nothing—not even mercury poisoning—is outside the realm of prayer, as author Carol Stephens learned (see God's Loving Lessons). Faced with excruciating daily pain, she found comfort and healing through prayer.

Be inspired with these comforting, exhorting, and edifying articles this week, and look also at some great human interest stories. See the story by a pastor who has been following up on the work of an early 20th century mathematician, Ivan Panin. Panin discovered an intricate numerical structure in the text of the Bible and hoped that his discovery would lead to evangelization of the Russian people (see Reaching Unbelievers Through Bible Numerics).

Also, take a look at Glitz, Glamour, and Gambling. It carries the message that parents have to be astute concerning their children's activities on the Internet. Many teens and even pre-teens gamble on-line!

And I will mention one more. The Aboriginal leaders have spoken out concerning reports about dismal conditions prevalent on Indian reservations (see Aboriginal Leaders Express Deep Concern). Read their heart-felt cry and make it another matter for prayer.

Our prayers are powerful. They release God's purposes on Earth. Let's pray.

Blessings in Christ,

Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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