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Humans Are Now a Zoo Exhibit

Humans as a zoo exhibit? How does that strike you? Read Denyse O'Leary's weblog for details on the homo sapiens display at the London Zoo (see London Zoo Displays the "Naked Ape" Live).

Some believe we are animals alongside other primates, but does that belief conform to truth? If our belief system is flawed, then our "walk," or life, will suffer a similar fate. According to the author of Walking in the Truth, we can know and apply truth positively to our lives. Also, see the article What I Learned at the Folk Festival by Roy Hamel. He discovered that God can speak truth into our lives in unusual ways, and when He does, it's life changing.

Here is a simple, but powerful, truth. Scripture does not require a pastor to wear "eight hats." According to the article Revolutionize Your Congregation by Doing What You Enjoy, if pastors functioned only within the area of their gifting, both they and their congregations would benefit. And finally—can we discern truth about Islam if both moderate Muslims and Islamic radicals both justify their perspectives from the Koran? See the article Islam: Friend or Foe?

Please check below for other informative and inspiring articles this week. Read how a group of Catholic churches in Hamilton, Ontario, had a good idea that yielded thousands of dollars for missions (see Pilgrimage to Aid Third World Gaining Widespread Support). And, in a lighter vein—pause with Phil Callaway to consider the insights that life with two preschoolers can yield concerning our walk of faith (see The Bare Witness).

Enjoy this week's easy reading, and be sure to check the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada's weekly news update on the homepage. That's where you'll find the latest on issues of concern to the Christian community in Canada.

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