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Of Course He's Not "Safe"

"Of course he's not 'safe'! But he's good." They say that line has been dropped from the movie! But here's a real treat just in time for Walden Media's Christmas release of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe! Experience an audio of Michael Coren and Bruxy Cavey together examining C.S. Lewis's famous work in light of Scripture (see the article God at the Movies). Witty, insightful, engaging, and tremendously funny!

It looks like Christmas and politics will define the next few weeks. Even though it's not "politically correct," Don't Be Afraid to Say "Merry Christmas!" advises a columnist who doesn't want to see the Christian Christmas undermined. He is Jewish, but he describes Christmas as a wonderful time. So do some others whose names you have seen in print. See the article Seizing Christmas for a peek through the window of words at the way folks you have come to know get ready for and celebrate Jesus' birthday.

How about you? Are you ready for Christmas? Instead of coming up with a "fantasy gift" that costs enough to feed an entire village, why don't you feed the village? The World Vision catalogue offers gifts of blessing (see Spirit of Giving Runs from Gift Pigs to Lexus G5).

In the political arena, cynicism and incivility dominate Parliamentary debates. There's no more room for discussion of what might be best for Canadians, laments a board member for Citizens for Public Justice (see Broadbent's Lament—and a Politics of Hopeful Citizenship?). Is there a solution? Check out an excerpt from the new book The Pilgrimage of Stephen Harper (see below). A review of this book says it offers a message of hope to Christians disillusioned by secularism's grip on Canadian politics (see Veteran Journalist Makes Political Splash).

To lift your spirits, dwell a moment on the goodness in the hearts of our fellow believers. I encourage you to read My Daybreak. It's the story of the sacrificial love of a teacher who was called of God to embrace a classroom of kids with special needs.

Have you considered giving to someone in need this Christmas? Reach out and be blessed. There's still time!

Blessings in Christ,

Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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