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Take Courage to Speak the Truth in Love

"Be not afraid," declared the angel to the shepherds on the first Christmas night. And when you face detractors who call you names because you are a Christian, Be Not Afraid, writes the author of the article by the same name (see below). Too many of us, he says, have a deep-seated fear that we will be persecuted verbally if we speak up for God and for good. And in today's society, dominated by rampant secular ideology, we likely will. So how do we respond when we hear stories like the one about the man who wants to see Christianity eradicated from public life (see "If Jesus Returns, Kill Him Again," Says NDP-Supporting Atheist Campaigner)? Nothing short of supernatural mediation will do. We have to pray for those who persecute us, because inside every Saul there may be a Paul.

Advent used to be a season of joyful anticipation. Now it is mildly fraught with apprehension. My dentist says he "assessed" me to see if it might be safe to wish me Merry Christmas. But there could be a Price to Pay for Abolishing Christmas, says Ted Byfield. Retailers, he says, may find out that gift-giving devoid of the Christmas message that gave it meaning might lose its appeal.

We even find that the Christmas Bashing Extends to Narnia. The film grossed $67 million on its first weekend, but the Globe and Mail is complaining that the movie has "unavoidably Christian images."

But there is a brighter side. See the article The Other Side of the Wardrobe. Father de Souza delights in the movie, and says the heroic scale of the Narnia Chronicles is a reminder that the basic Christian message is just that—heroic.

And may I highlight one more? This one's a real treat, and it speaks volumes! Don't miss it: My Date of a Lifetime.

This week, let's walk close to God (see Calling on the Name of the Lord), and let's take courage to speak the truth in love.

Blessings in Christ,

Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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