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For the Uninitiated - An Insider's View

With the increase in negative stereotyping of Christians (or Evangelicals) in the media, the author of Dangerous Fanatics wonders where it's all headed. Is it is possible, she asks, that North American Christians will be persecuted for their faith? Christians should be prepared, says Janet Epp Buckingham in her weblog, Spreading Hatred. We are not immune.

And so, when a series of articles appeared in the Vancouver Sun this past July warning people about Evangelicals, Mike Davenport wrote to the editors suggesting that such rhetoric was marginalizing and incompatible with Canadian values. He offered to write an "insider's view" of Evangelicals. It landed him a full page in the paper. The resulting article is an excellent apologetic that can help unbelievers understand who we are (see An Insider's View of Evangelicals).

Christians are learning that having the ability to communicate in a public forum is easier than it used to be. There are advantages to the Internet. Read how Christians can use this powerful tool effectively (see Christians and the Internet).

While the Internet has great potential for good, it also has great capacity for evil. Encouraging children to do research on the Internet may seem beneficial, but the Internet poses problems of its own (see Will More Information Lead to Wisdom?).

Also, today's children have unprecedented access to music, courtesy of the Internet and cable music stations. Much of it is unsupervised, yet music is one of the most powerful influences on our children. If you did not see last week's article (Do You Know What Music Your Kids Are Listening To?) that challenges parents to be very aware of the content of lyrics, click on the headline and read it. Then read part two, Help Your Kids Make Positive Music Choices.

May you be inspired through what you read this week, and here's a suggestion: make your homepage!

Blessings in Christ,

Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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