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Relationship of faith to politics - Martin, Harper, and Layton Speak Out

In the minds of our country's political leaders, what is the relationship of faith to politics and public policy making? Faith Today magazine created the unique opportunity for the leaders of each of the political parties to answer that question (see What's the Role of Faith in Public Policy?) and promised that their responses would not be edited. Paul Martin (Liberals), Stephen Harper (Conservatives), and Jack Layton with co-author Bill Blaikie (NDP) responded personally, and immediately. Four others responded as well. Interesting and revealing! Read their comments in the article below titled Faith and Politics: Party Leaders Respond. See also the related articles below: the rationale for the question (see Why Showcase Politicians) and a point to consider in evaluating responses (see Faith and the "Values" Debate).

Values are core to our faith. An author notes, it would do secular thinkers good to speak in terms of values they and their fellow Canadians hold dear, rather than framing discussions only in secular terms when defending their party's positions on issues (see Secular Fundamentalists Need to Dust Off Their Bibles). And there are many issues (see Election 2006: Many Kinds of "Christian Issues").

More key pre-election articles next week, but this week, please note, we have a weapon for pulling down of spiritual strongholds—Prevailing Prayer. Whether you are praying for yourself, for others, or for our government leaders, does God want you to prevail in prayer? Listen to this audio for the answer.

Finally—did you enjoy a few movies with family and friends this past Christmas season? If you haven't seen it yet, here's a review of King Kong. The author raves about it. The beast captures the heart, but much of the movie is Jurassic Park revisited. Well done, but be forewarned of scenes that graphically portray a "demonized" remote native tribe.

Please check the EFC Update for a look at more of what's new. Have a great week!


Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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