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Who Won and Who Lost in This Week's Election

Who won and who lost this week's federal election, asks the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada's (EFC) Janet Epp Buckingham. In her weblog, Winners and Losers, she looks at directions we might expect the Conservative winds of change to take our country. Our role as believers, she reminds us, is to continue to uphold our leaders in prayer.

For the EFC's response to the election, please see the article The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada Statement on Election 2006. See also comments to BP Press by the EFC's president, Bruce Clemenger, in the article Canadian Christians Hopeful After Conservative Election Win.

Another development this week of interest to the Christian community occurred with respect to Chris Kempling's case in British Columbia. The Supreme Court denied his request for an appeal in his religious freedom case (see Kempling's Appeal Denied). In spite of this setback, Kempling vows to "keep fighting" (see Kempling Statement on Supreme Court Decision). Does this, along with other cases, indicate that we are gradually losing our religious freedom (see below, Christians Could Lose Religious Freedom)?

And what does a city do when it loses its youth to gangs, guns, and death? The man who fostered the "Boston miracle" proposed one for Toronto. The church, he says, will have to take the initiative to see redemption and life return to youth in the city (see Violence and the Hand of Indifference).

Nothing is impossible to God. Even from the greatest tragedy can spring new life. Don't miss an uplifting story of God's redemption. The man whose cigarette ignited Canada's most destructive forest fire had no way of knowing that his fateful mistake would lead him to faith in Christ.


Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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