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Is the Church Failing Divorced People?

Is the Church Failing Divorced People? asks an author. Divorce is a major problem in the church. If the church wants to reach families for Christ, it must learn how to deal with divorced people. There are no easy answers. For example, men and women differ in their desire for sexual intimacy. The disparity can result in tension (see Sex, Men, and God).

Here are some other top stories this week.

In the news, the sexual age of consent for children. Vic Toews, Canada's new Conservative justice minister, wants to make it a priority to raise the sexual age of consent from 14 to 16 (see Government Vows to Raise Age of Consent).

Also, some perspectives for parents concerning education. Why home school? Why send children to a Christian school? visitors responded to a letter to the editor titled Mainstream Schools Asking, "Where Are the Christians?" this week and generated discussion about the benefits of Christian education. But, most important, God hasn't left mainline schools, said a Winnipeg teacher. God's presence reaches out through the hearts and prayers of committed teachers whose lives reflect the love of Christ in their workplace (see the article Parents Must Trust God in Education Choices for Children).

And don't miss this! Bono preached a sermon—a good one—at a U.S. National Prayer Breakfast recently. See below a transcript of his talk. The article is titled Bono's Remarks at USA's National Prayer Breakfast.

Special mention to an inspirational story titled The Cab Ride. It is worth considering that divinely ordained moments can catch us unaware. We must be sensitive, lest they slip by. Please enjoy these, and other good articles below.


Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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