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A Life and Death Issue

Referring to the controversial seal hunt that begins again this month, ethicist Margaret Somerville says in her article Hunting for a Humane Path, "It's said we can best test the 'ethical tone' of a society by how it treats its weakest, most in need, most vulnerable members."

How then, do we assess the tenor of our society? With respect to the seal hunt, it does not reflect well on us. Nor does it reflect well based on how we treat our children.

A tiny person who should be at its safest in the womb is now most vulnerable there, says Michael Coren (see the article, Canada Too Permissive on Abortion). Canada has no restrictions on abortion. Abortion is allowed at any time during pregnancy. This is a life and death issue, and each of us should be obliged to analyze our position on it. "All of which brings us back to the opinion of the chief public official, Mr. Harper, who told Maclean's this week that he has 'no intention of getting into the abortion issue,'" says Rev. Raymond J. De Souza (see The Issue Harper Can't Ignore).

This is one of the issues that caused the change in Canada's government this year, according to Andrew Grenville, a senior vice president with Ipsos Reid. Conscience and corruption caused much of the church to vote for the Conservatives (see Church, Conscience, Corruption, and Conservatives). Along with that, an interesting development in Quebec. A French parliamentary report concluded that marriage should not be extended to include same-sex couples for the sake of the children involved (see Government Study Affirms Marriage).

Children need both parents, and even more—they need a community. Here's an encouraging article for parents. We can learn some amazing things about caring for our children and for each other through the example of Emperor penguins who brave Antarctica's cold to survive (see Marching with the Penguins).

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Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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