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Give it Up

What would life be like if we gave up some stuff! We live our lives as products of a Western culture, but do we even realize what holds us back? Rev. De Souza asks that question in his article Give It Up! Read about one woman who gave up some stuff, and made a great discovery.

And here's another question: Aren't we all longing for community—a place where we are welcome and where we can find friends and healing? God's provision is the local church. We haven't yet reached the ideal where church always fulfills all these needs, but the article titled Longing for Community offers some insights on how we might get there. In fact, the two-part article The Local Church—A Doorway to Missions offers a great example of community at work. It tells the story of one couple's commitment to missions, and their son's insights into the importance of the local church's involvement with their calling. For one more example of church as an expression of community life, read what several churches have done to become the heart of the art community in their area, and be inspired to be creative (see Faith and Art).

To see how one organization, Redeemer University College, is helping students break free from Western mindsets, see the article, Embracing Culture in the Classroom. Redeemer students are developing methods and materials for schools in Sierra Leone.

And while you are contemplating aspects of our Western culture that clutter our lives, consider one that could enhance them. Society at Sea: A Reflection on Civility takes a longing look at what we've lost along the way and what we might do well to recover. Definitely an inspiring read!

So for this week, and for the remaining Lent weeks before Easter, give it up!


Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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  • Redeemer University - Christian university changes everything. Starting with you.

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